Whether you are an existing homeschool parent or student, which is often referred to as an “intentional homeschooler” or new to all of this and just starting to fully consider your homeschool options, you have come to the right place! Regardless of what category that you may fall into, you may still have questions like

  • What is the best fit for my child or children?

  • What is the best fit for me as a parent?

  • What is the best fit for my family’s situation?

Whichever “fit” is most important, it always starts with the curriculum! So, let us start right there by telling you a little bit about our curriculum. Our curriculum was designed to be first and foremost, FLEXIBLE, while providing a learning experience that promotes both ENGAGEMENT AND ENJOYMENT! Yes, the most successful learning happens when the student enjoys the learning process!

Curriculum and Courses

Curriculum decisions can typically be summed up, by looking at it in 3 areas:

  • 01 the content;

  • 02 the approach;

  • 03 the delivery.

  • Rest assured that all of our curriculum was built on evidence-based research in all 3 areas of content, approach and delivery. Specific course content is both age and grade-level appropriate and was written by subject matter experts. Course approach uses the Universal Design for Learning, that incorporates multiples means of representation, engagement, action, and representation. Delivery uses both online and offline lessons and activities that all student learning styles are incorporated. So, whether your student is a visual, auditoryor kinesthetic learner, you can rest assured that the course approach used is meeting the needs of all 3 learning styles. Course delivery incorporates technology along with word class digital tools that both promote and support student achievement.


In our K-5 curriculum, parents are given learning coach guides that are simple and easy to follow. This allows the parent(s) to know exactly how to best help their elementary aged student(s) be successful their courses. For every core subject area course in the middle grades and high school courses, on-demand tutoring is available from a simple click from within their courses, allowing parents the peace of knowing that their student can get immediate help when they need it. In all K-12 courses your student(s) will be taught by a both a highly qualified, and state subject-area certified teacher.


Choosing for your child or children to be homeschooled often falls into reasons that include social, academic, family, religious, athletic, occupational and safety. Often time these reasons also include in whole or in part, what does life after the K-12 years look like? Is it focused on college, vocational or entrepreneurship? Whatever your rationale or reasoning is, we think you have found the right choice for just one, or multiple student learners that you have chosen to homeschool.


The state of Florida requires that each home education student be registered with their local school district. This registration is often called a “Notice of Intent” which must be filed within 30 days of beginning the home education program. Be a simple one-page letter, or an actual district-specific “Notice of Intent” the information included must contain the following information:

  • Name of the home education student(s)

  • Birthdate(s)

  • Address

  • Parent Signature

  • You are only required to file one time with your local district. Once you have done so, your student(s) is recognized officially as a “Home Education” student, and often referred to as a “Homeschool” student. What is next for the parent? Basically keeping an educational portfolio of their student(s) academic work, and submitting an exit letter to the district once the student, has moved on from being homeschooled, whether that progression has led them to choose a college, a career or some other type of “calling”.


Whatever your reasoning for choosing to homeschool your child or children, and whatever the plans might be for their near future and/or distant future, we glad you are right here! We think we have the right solution for you in terms of the right curriculum and the right supports for you and your student(s). We can help you with both choosing the right courses, in helping you keep your student(s) academic portfolio, and in enabling your student(s) to be successful!

FDS (Flex Demo Site)

FDS is proud to partner with Edgenuity as its curriculum provider in grades K-12. This best in class curriculum and comprehensive suite of courses meets those needs that are most important both students and their families. We invite you to explore a little more about the Edgenuity offerings through these short informative videos.